Consider It Canines, LLC

The Trainer's Training...

Consider It Canines, LLC offers the convenience of private, in-home training for dogs of all breeds and ages,  We offer consultation on breed and puppy selection for you and your family.  We also assist in the evaluation of shelter dogs being considered for adoption.  

Glenn Ciottone is certified with the International Association of Canine Professionals as s Certified Dog Trainer (CDT).  

Glenn has been acknowledged as a contributor to the breed selection book "Paws to Consider" by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

At Consider It Canines, we believe in constantly increasing our knowledge of canine behavior.  We attend seminars on many topics annually in order to offer our clients new techniques and a wide variety of humane training methods.  We recognize that each dog and owner is different and do our best to cater to teach individuals needs.

Our Approach:

We cover all aspects of raising and training a puppy/ dog properly.  CIC makes all your priorities their own.  We answer all you questions and provide clear, fun direction to set you and your companion up for success.  

Typical topics covered:

 - Housebreaking / paper training

 - Basic through advanced obedience

 - Problem Solving

 - Nutrition and basic care/ handling

 - Jumping 

 - Mouthing

 - Puppy kindergarten

 - Disruptive behaviors

About Consider It Canines

Training Services Include:

Glenn Ciottone, owner of CIC has been in the business of animal care and training since 1986.  He has been training dogs professionally for over 25 years.

Glenn began his career by studying under master dogs trainers and best selling authors Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson.​​  Glenn has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners in his career, teaching both private lessons and group classes.  

Great time and care go into training both dog and owner to communicate effectively.  CIC prides itself on the solid training we provide.  We are truly passionate about our work love what we do.  We use a wide range of humane training methods.  Not every dog is the same.  They are thinking feeling animals, not computers!